Commercial Vehicles

31.08.2015 / Dagestan leased KAMAZ vehicles

Russian Automotive Market Research

The Ministry of construction, architecture and housing and communal services of the Republic of Dagestan leased 46 CNG vehicles on KAMAZ chassis under the state program of subsidizing of CNG vehicles purchase.

21 NEFAZ 5299-30-51 city buses, three KAMAZ-65115-32 dump trucks, as well as 22 CMZL garbage trucks on KAMAZ chassis were supplied by the distributor of KAMAZ vehicles with gas engines, the company Raritek. All vehicles were leased with the participation of Leasing company KAMAZ in order to execute the state program of subsidizing of the purchase of gas vehicles.

The low-floor NEFAZ 5299-30-51 is equipped with modern suspension and brake system elements. Each bus has Daimler M906LAG gas engine of the environmental standard Euro-5. This NEFAZ bus can carry up to 116 passengers.

27.08.2015 / Peugeot prepared for ComTrans 2015

Russian Automotive Market Research

Peugeot will present five models of commercial vehicles at the exhibition Commercial transport ComTrans 2015. The Peugeot stand will present new Peugeot cars for the Russian market of commercial vehicles - two versions of Peugeot Boxer with Euro-5 engines for the first time in Russia: Peugeot Boxer Combi minibus of business class and new Peugeot Boxer with double cab, as well as the updated Peugeot Partner van.

25.08.2015 / Volvo Trucks Russia launched two new models to the market

Russian Automotive Market Research

Volvo Trucks Russia presented two models Volvo FM Optimal and Volvo FM Optimal Plus on the basis of truck tractors produced in Kaluga for regional and medium-haul traffic. Volvo FM Optimal is equipped with 11-liter engine capacity of 370 HP meeting the environmental class Euro 4, I-Shift automatic gear box, sleeper cab and a fuel tank volume of 730 liters.

Volvo FM Optimal Plus has similar performance with engine capacity increased to 410 HP and Globetrotter sleeper cab of enhanced comfort.

The company offers lease terms from Volvo Finance Service Vostok LLC for the purchase of Volvo FM Optimal and Volvo FM Optimal Plus for up to four years with the payment from 122000 rubles per month including VAT. Financing of the model purchase on these terms is valid until September 15, 2015 in case of making advance payment.

24.08.2015 / KAMAZ developed multifunctional truck

Russian Automotive Market Research

The model line-up of KAMAZ CNG vehicles was supplemented with a new high-sided truck on KAMAZ-65117-32 chassis (6x4) with PALFINGER PK 23500 crane-manipulator. Actually auto manipulator can replace several vehicles, because it is able to simultaneously solve different tasks, reducing expenses for using of additional equipment and manpower.

The vehicle is capable of loading-unloading and transportation of various cargoes, including bulky ones, without using a crane. At the same time, it keeps all advantages of high-sided truck. Dimensions of the rear body are 6200х2500х700, the volume of gas cylinders is 800 liters. The vehicle is equipped with the gas engine capacity of 300 HP (Euro 4) running on methane.


24.08.2015 / Volkswagen launched sales of T-series in Russia

Russian Automotive Market Research

Volkswagen launched Russian sales of commercial vehicles of T-series of the sixth generation. The car can be ordered in three versions: Transporter, Caravelle and Multivan. Prices for a cargo version start from 1 375 000 rubles. The passenger version will cost at least 1 820 000 rubles.

The engine range of the car included three 2.0-liter diesel units. Capacity of engines varies from 102 to 180 HP. Two petrol engines capacity of 150 and 204 HP are also available.

Later sales of the version California will be launched in the Russian market.

21.08.2015 / Launch of sales of GAZelle vehicles in the Balkans

Russian Automotive Market Research

GAZ Group started sales of GAZelle NEXT vehicles in Serbia. Sales of GAZ vehicles will also kick off in three countries of South-Eastern Europe: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia till the end of the year.

GAZ product portfolio in the Balkan markets includes single-cabin GAZelle NEXT trucks, crew cabin versions, as well as special purpose vehicles on their basis. All models meet the Euro-5 emissions standard. In addition to the NEXT family, GAZ Group will supply its export versions of AWD Sobol vehicles equipped with Euro-5 engines to the Balkans.

20.08.2015 / Half of products of «CIE Automotive Rus» will be sold in foreign markets

Russian Automotive Market Research

CIE Automotive Rus plant on the territory of a special economic zone Togliatti has already launched the production of aluminum parts for engines. It is known that 50% of its products will be supplied to AVTOVAZ JSC - including for H4mk engines, the localized production of which AVTOVAZ began in the middle of March, and 50% - for export.

Capacity of CIE Automotive Rus will enable to produce 150 thousand parts per year with the possible increase to 300 thousand units. Investment in the equipment of the company made 35 million Euros. The company uses the mode of a free customs zone, which provides for the residents of SEZ a zero import duty on technological equipment. The full list of products of a plant includes the cylinder head cover, oil pan with oil level sensor, timing drive cover, the outlet pipe of the cooling system, bracket for auxiliary units. In addition to AVTOVAZ, the delivery will be carried out to the Renault plant in Turkey.

19.08.2015 / Production of commercial vehicles in January-July 2015

Russian Automotive Market Research

According to Federal State Statistics Service of Russia, in January-July 2015 68.3 thousands trucks were produced, which is a 21.1% decrease on the similar period of the last year. Last month 10.4 thousand trucks rolled off the Russian production lines that is by 12.2% less than in the previous year.

In July Gorky Automobile plant stopped the assembly line for a two-week corporate leave, during which the company prepared for the production of a new all-metal van - GAZelle Next.

Over seven months of 2015 production of buses in Russia decreased by 13.4% to 19.3 thousand units. In July bus plants produced about 3.5 thousand vehicles, which is a 3.5% decrease on the similar period of the previous year. In July Pavlovo Bus Plant launched the production of all basic models of PAZ buses and their modifications with the updated exterior.

18.08.2015 / KAMAZ sales decreased two-fold in January-June

Russian Automotive Market Research

Over the first 6 months of 2015 KAMAZ sold 7697 trucks in the Russian market, which is a 52.7% decrease on the similar period of 2014. According to the company, the share of KAMAZ JSC in the Russian market of trucks with GVW of 14-40 tons made 54.3%, having increased by 11% in comparison with the similar period of 2014.

In conditions of decline of the market of heavy trucks in Russia, KAMAZ concentrated its efforts on promoting its products for export. Deliveries of vehicles in the far-abroad countries - Vietnam, Ecuador, Peru, USA, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, Algeria, Kuwait, UAE, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia increased. The main market in this segment was Vietnam – in the first half of 2015 KAMAZ supplied 260 vehicles in this country. In the first half of 2015 export to far-abroad countries increased to 796 units – in 2.84 times more than in the first half of 2014. In general, over six months of 2015 KAMAZ exported 2 256 vehicles, which is a 2.6% increase on the first half of 2014.

13.08.2015 / «GAZelle NEXT» all-metal van will appear in September

Russian Automotive Market Research

GAZ Group plans to present a new GAZelle NEXT all-metal van on September 8, 2015. The official premiere of the vehicle will take place at the international specialized exhibition ComTrans 2015 in Moscow.

To prepare for the production of the new model new stamping equipment is put into operation, automated welding lines are commissioned, new painting technologies are introduced, additional assembly line is launched in shops of Gorky Automobile Plant.