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25.02.2016 / New models of auto cranes on KAMAZ chassis appeared

Russian Automotive Market Research

KAMAZ partners, Galich mobile cranes plant and Klintsovsky truck crane plant, brought new upgraded models of truck cranes on KAMAZ chassis to the Russian market.

Both enterprises launched serial production of upgraded models of truck cranes on KAMAZ chassis with carrying capacity of 25 tons and the boom length of 21, 24, 28, 31, 32.5 meters (except CNG cranes). Auto cranes with lifting capacity of 32 tons with reduced to normative-permitted load on the rear truck (not exceeding 15 tons for single and not exceeding 16 tons for twin) also appeared in the market.

24.02.2016 / Russia and Poland signed the interim agreement on cargo transportation

Russian Automotive Market Research

During the Russian-Polish negotiations on cargo transportation countries came to the interim agreement. The parties agreed that the order of the Russian Ministry of Transport No. 301 «On approval of peculiarities of implementation of international road transportation of goods of third states» of October 14, 2015 will be changed, but as now, they stipulated for quotas for cargo transportation in the following amounts until April 15, 2016: for the Russian party — 20 thousand permits (19 500 permits for bilateral/transit transportation, 500 permits for transportation to/from third countries), for the Polish party - 20 thousand permits (10 thousands permits for bilateral/transit transportation, 10 thousand permits for transportation to/from third countries).

20.02.2016 / KAMAZ will launch new dump trucks to the market

Russian Automotive Market Research

In March 2016 KAMAZ plans to launch the trial assembly of new models – KAMAZ-6580, KAMAZ-65801 and KAMAZ-65802. These trucks are representatives of a heavy line-up of the family of new generation vehicles, which will be equipped with tipping platform. They are designed to operate at construction sites, quarry and agriculture. New vehicles will replace KAMAZ-6520 and KAMAZ-65201 dump trucks on Russian roads.

New models will be equipped with Cummins engines of a new G-class series instead of Daimler ones, which are characterized by compact dimensions and low weight, efficiency in the fuel consumption and operating costs, higher power and meet Euro-5 emission class. The load capacity and maintenance interval of new vehicles will increase. In addition, new dump trucks will be equipped with automatic gear box. In comparison with vehicles of similar purpose, the comfort of the cabin and suspension will improve. Due to the increase in suspension loads and change in the wheel arrangement the carrying capacity of the vehicle will increase. The company plans to assemble the first four-axle trucks in the shop of original vehicle assembly, three-axle ones – in the vehicle assembly shop.

19.02.2016 / KIA developed lending program with the free hull insurance

Russian Automotive Market Research

KIA Motors Rus offers the free hull insurance when purchasing Rio and cee'd on credit. So, from February 1 to February 29, 2016, when buying KIA Rio and KIA cee'd in versions costing up to 1 million 150 thousand rubles under the state program of preferential auto loans customers can use a special lending offer «KIA Start» with favorable interest rate of 7.9% per annum and the hull insurance policy as a unit.

When buying KIA Rio or KIA cee'd on credit with the interest rate from 7.9% and the initial payment of 30% for a term of 2-3 years or from 8.9% per annum with the initial payment of 40% for a term of 3 years, depending on the bank, the customer receives an additional discount in the amount of cost of the hull insurance policy covering such risks as theft and the total loss of the car. KIA Finance partners under this action are Cetelem Bank, Rusfinance Bank and the insurance company VSK.

18.02.2016 / The new project on the development of gas fuel market was launched in Russia

Russian Automotive Market Research

Gazprom gas fuel, KAMAZ, McDonald's and Havi logistics (the partner of McDonald’s in Europe) signed an agreement to implement a pilot project on the use of CNG vehicles.

Under the project Havi logistics will purchase gas-cylinder equipment of KAMAZ PJSC and Gazprom gas fuel will carry out the refueling of trucks with the natural gas. For this purpose the gas refueling network will be established for a network of McDonald’s restaurants on the routes of goods delivery.

The project will be implemented until the end of 2020. The agreement has not only tactical objective, but also a strategic one – obtained results and experience will be the basis to form programs of development of CNG market in the Russian Federation.

17.02.2016 / Hino Trucks Expands Nationwide Footprint


Hino Trucks Expands Nationwide Footprint

February 17th, 2016

ONTARIO, CA – Hino Trucks, its local dealers and city officials gathered in Ontario, California to celebrate the grand opening of Hino’s new California Parts Distribution Center (PDC) and Training Center. The addition of this combined facility to Hino’s U.S. based operations is a part of a growing nationwide foot print for Hino Trucks.

12.02.2016 / «KAMAZ-Leasing» won a tender to supply a batch of dump trucks

Russian Automotive Market Research

Eight dump trucks based on KAMAZ-6520 and KAMAZ-65115 will be supplied to enterprises of the road sector in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) – RIK Avtodor. Leasing company KAMAZ won a tender for the purchase of these vehicles.

Leased KAMAZ 6520-6012-43 and 65115-776058-42 vehicles are designed for transportation of various industrial and construction cargoes on roads of all types. Models have all-metal platform of the bucket-type truck and are equipped with inter-axle and cross-axle lock, Bosch fuel equipment. The equipment also includes a tachograph of the Russian standard with the data cryptographic protection block (Continental DTCO 3283).

11.02.2016 / «Platon» will work on a post-payment basis beginning the middle of April

Russian Automotive Market Research

The system of collecting charges from heavy trucks for the motion on federal highways («Platon») will work on a post-payment basis beginning April 15. But it will be available only to registered carriers operating in the system for at least two months.

Currently 123 thousand owners of over 650 thousand vehicles with GVW exceeding 12 tons are registered in a system «Platon». It is more than 95% of large Russian carriers with a park of 50 vehicles. Users drew up more than 3.8 million route maps. 3.3 billion rubles have been already collected in the road fund.

09.02.2016 / Export and import of trucks in Russia in 2015

Russian Automotive Market Research

According to Federal Customs Service of Russia, in 2015 import of trucks decreased by 63.3% and made 22.5 thousand trucks on 878.9 million dollars. Of them 20.1 thousand trucks on 483.9 million dollars were imported from foreign countries, the remaining 2.4 thousand trucks on 395 million dollars – from CIS countries.

Export of trucks fell by 9.1% to 20 thousand trucks on 451.5 million dollars. 5.3 thousand trucks on 221.6 million dollars were supplied to foreign countries, 14.7 thousand trucks on 230 million dollars - to CIS countries.

08.02.2016 / Limit tariffs for the motion on toll roads were established

Russian Automotive Market Research

The Russian government limited the maximum charge for the motion of vehicles on toll federal roads or road sections. So, the charge for the motion of cars on federal toll roads cannot be more than 3 rubles per km, but if it is an artificial structure (bridges or tunnels) - 21 rubles per km. For light commercial vehicles the maximum tariff will be 4.5 rubles for roads and 31.5 rubles for artificial structures; for two-axle trucks - 6 and 42 rubles, respectively, for three-axle trucks – 9.5 and 66.5 rubles per km.

If the road is constructed or reconstructed on the basis of the concession agreement, the maximum tariffs may be: for cars — 12 rubles for km for roads and 84 rubles per km for artificial structures, for LCVs — 18 and 126 rubles, respectively, for two-axle trucks - 24 and 168 rubles, for three-axle trucks — 38.5 and 269 rubles for bridges and tunnels.