Commercial Vehicles

31.05.2017 / Sales of new buses increased by 45% in January-April 2017

According to Russian Automotive Market Research, in January-April 2017 the new bus market increased by 44.6% on the similar period of 2016. Over four months a total of 3.53 thousand new buses were sold in Russia. In April 2017 sales grew by 20.8% to 0.95 thousand units.

30.05.2017 / 35.7 thousand LCV were sold in January-April 2017 in Russia

In January-April 2017 sales of new light commercial vehicles in the Russian market increased by 25.8% on the similar period of 2016 and amounted to 35.7 thousand units. In April 2017 10.5 thousand new LCV were sold in Russia, which is a 17.5% increase on March 2016.

29.05.2017 / The government allocated 6 billion rubles for the purchase of ambulances and school buses

The Russian government issued a decree on the allocation of budget appropriations of the total amount of 6 billion rubles for the purchase of special purpose vehicles. According to the decree, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade receives 3 billion rubles from the reserve fund of the government for the purchase of not less than 1 thousand ambulances for organizations in the Russian regions in 2017...

29.05.2017 / Foton will bring new models to the market next year

In 2018 Foton Motor plans to launch sales of Toano minibus and Gratour minivan in Russia. The company sees potential primarily for Toano and expects that new models will add 2-3 thousand units to sales of existing models within the first two years. In 2017 Foton Motor plans to sell 2650 vehicles, including 1500 cars, 1000 low - and medium-duty trucks, as well as 150 heavy trucks.

26.05.2017 / «Isuzu Rus» will intensify localization in Russia

Isuzu Rus continues to develop production in Russia. The company plans to increase production of trucks (chassis) from 5 to 10 thousand a year and launch the production of one of the key components, the engine or transmission, in Russia. Isuzu diesel engines, at least 20 thousand a year, for joint use can be produced at facilities of the partner – for example, at Zavolzhsky motor plant of Sollers Group.

24.05.2017 / Isuzu plant in Ulyanovsk expanded the range of produced vehicles

Ulyanovsk plant «Isuzu Rus» launched the assembly line of trucks of C and E series. It is planned to annually produce about 400 heavy trucks. These will be vehicles with Euro-5 diesel engines.

With the introduction of the new line the plant in Ulyanovsk produces a full range of trucks with GVW exceeding 3 tons.

24.05.2017 / The share of Russian trucks decreases

Over four months of 2017 sales of new trucks grew by 36.4% on the similar period of 2016 and reached 19 thousand units. In April 2017 the new truck market increased by 34.7%, sales made 5.7 thousand units.
For the reporting period the share of Russian brands, KAMAZ, GAZ and Ural, in the new truck market decreased.

23.05.2017 / KAMAZ sales made 9.3 thousand vehicles in January-April 2017

In April 2017 KAMAZ sold 2 443 vehicles, of which 2061 units were sold in Russia and 382 units were exported. Total sales in January-April 2017 amounted to 9326 units (+18%).

22.05.2017 / There are more than 1000 centers selling trucks in Russia

According to Russian Automotive Market Research, as of March 2017 there are 1 061 centers selling trucks (dealerships) in Russia. They are unevenly distributed across the country: two federal districts, Central and Volga, account for about half of dealerships.

15.05.2017 / Import and export of trucks in January-March 2017

According to the Federal Customs Service of Russia, in the first quarter of 2017 import of trucks to Russia increased by 47% and made 5 thousand trucks on 410.5 million dollars. Of them 4.2 thousand trucks on 195.3 million dollars were imported from foreign countries, 800 trucks on 215.3 million dollars - from CIS countries.