Commercial Vehicles

28.07.2017 / Moscow plans to purchase electric buses

In 2018 the first buses with electric engines shall appear on the roads of Moscow. The company, which will be supplier of electric buses, is still unknown. The corresponding tender will be announced by the end of this year.
Currently the Chinese Yutong electric bus is tested in the capital. Reserve of this bus is up to 200 kilometers, the maximum speed - 69 km per hour.

28.07.2017 / In January-June 2017 KAMAZ exceeded planned sales figures

In the first half of 2017 KAMAZ sold 12 986 heavy trucks in the Russian market, which is a 20% increase on the similar period of the last year and higher than figures of the business plan. Another 2117 KAMAZ vehicles were exported.

27.07.2017 / «GAZ Group» developed platform for commercial electric vehicles

«GAZ Group» developed the unified platform for electric versions of GAZelle Next commercial vehicles. Dropside trucks, vans and minibuses can be manufactured based on a single platform. Currently the company has already manufactured three prototypes of electric vehicles; another one will be presented in September at COMTRANS 2017 commercial vehicles exhibition in Moscow.

26.07.2017 / The Government will support manufacturers of public electric vehicles

In 2017 the Russian Government will provide manufacturers of urban land electric transport with subsidies of 900 million rubles. Another 600 million rubles will be allocated for manufacturers of vehicles with remote and autonomous control.

25.07.2017 / «Foton Motor» will focus on sales of trucks

Foton Motor announced a new strategy of presence in the Russian market. The main area of work for the near future will be sales of Foton commercial vehicles.

Currently the company has 18 dealers selling commercial vehicles and 27 dealers selling Foton cars. In 2017-2018 the company plans to increase the number of dealers selling commercial vehicles from 18 to 50 companies.

03.07.2017 / GAZ vehicles will be supplied to the Middle East

GAZ Group will supply GAZelle Next LCV’s to Jordan. An agreement on vehicle supply was signed with the company-distributor Al-Sultan. GAZelle Next drop-side vehicles with short and extended platform, all-metal vans, combi vans and passenger minibuses will be sent to Jordan until the year end.

GAZelle Next vehicles will be the first GAZ Group products to be operated in Jordan.