Commercial Vehicles

31.08.2017 / GAZ Group completed the first half of 2017 with the profit of 1.1 billion rubles

In the first half of 2017 GAZ Group profit made 67.4 billion rubles under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), which is a 16% increase on the similar period of 2016.

The increase in revenue was due to the growth in sales of vehicles of the NEXT generation. In addition, the improvement in financial results was achieved by reducing costs (at the level of 1.7 billion rubles).

31.08.2017 / Foton presented new truck models

Foton held a pre-premiere of the new truck models Foton Auman EST A H5 and Foton Aumark M4. New models will also be presented at COMTRANS’2017 exhibition.

Auman EST A H5 long-haul tractor unit was developed with participation of Daimler specialists. The vehicle is equipped with Cummins ISG12 engine displacement of 11.8 liters, which can work in combination with 12-speed automatic or 16-speed manual ZF gear box.

30.08.2017 / KAMAZ received the net profit of almost 1 billion rubles in the first half of 2017

The net profit of KAMAZ JSC in the first half of 2017 amounted to 990 million rubles (compared to the almost two billion net loss in the previous year). Consolidated revenues of KAMAZ JSC in the first half of 2017 increased by 32% to 62.3 million rubles. For the reporting period, according to the company, KAMAZ sales in the Russian and foreign markets grew by 16% on the similar period of the last year.

30.08.2017 / Development of special versions of GAZ «Sobol»

GAZ Group presented new versions of «Sobol» SUV. Vehicles designed for active recreation and self-sufficient travels were presented at Moscow Off-Road Show.

Sobol Car&Van Expedition vehicle is designed for travel in heavy off-road conditions. In particular, as a press car the vehicle covered the route of the Silk Way rally in 2016.

25.08.2017 / Korean brands occupy the second place after Russian ones in the Russian bus fleet

As of July 1, 2017 the Russian bus fleet consists of 461.6 thousand units (excluding minibuses). Buses of the Russian brands account for almost three quarters of the fleet. The most in-demand of them – PAZ (mainly PAZ 3205), KAVZ (KAVZ 3976, 3270, 685 are the most popular models) ...

24.08.2017 / «GAZ Group» expects to occupy strong positions in Turkey

«GAZ Group» aims to occupy 5% of the share of LCV market of Turkey by 2022, to increase the number of sales centers to 50 and expand the model line-up in the Turkish market.
Currently «GAZ Group» sells dropside trucks with single and double row cabin, chassis for various types of machinery, vans with the body volume of 13.5 cubic meters and passenger-cargo combi vans in Turkey.

24.08.2017 / The bus market shows negative trend

According to Russian Automotive Market Research, in January-July 2017 the new bus market showed growth of 13% on the similar period of 2016. In January-July a total of 6.1 thousand new buses were sold in Russia. In July 2017 sales fell by 28.5% and amounted 0.85 thousand units. It should be noted that sales of new buses decreased the second consecutive month: in June 2017 the market was down by 30%.

24.08.2017 / ​​​​​​​SCHMITZ is a leader by sales of new trailers

According to Russian Automotive Market Research, over seven months of 2017 sales of new trailers grew by 63.7% on the similar period of 2016 and reached 12 363 units. In July 2017 the new trailer market increased by 70.1%, sales made 2 255 units.
In January-July 2017 the trailer market leader became SCHMITZ, which showed the sharp increase in sales – in three times. 

22.08.2017 / ​​​​​​​UAZ «Profi» is available to order on special terms

UAZ announced the discount of 100 thousand rubles for the pre-order of the new UAZ Profi commercial vehicle under trade-in and scrappage. Dealer network has been already accepting orders for the new model. Trade-in and scrappage for the current UAZ commercial line-up cease to be valid from the beginning of September.

22.08.2017 / Rosseti and GAZ Group signed a cooperation agreement concerning a number of fields

GAZ Group and PJSC Rosseti signed a cooperation agreement in the field of application of modern automotive vehicles for the electricity network of Russia. Under the agreement, the companies intend to cooperate in the renewal of the vehicle fleet for the electric power network of the country.