14.04.2016 / The international specialized exhibition-conference Autoprom Russia

The international specialized exhibition-conference Autoprom Russia is held annually and traditionally provides a platform for discussions, experience sharing between professional representatives of the automotive industry. The exhibition-conference took place in Saint Petersburg on March 12-14, 2014.

In 2014 the event was executed in the framework of the 10th Anniversary Saint Petersburg Technical Fair, opened by Assembly of leading experts.

The following specialists took part in the opening ceremony of the exhibition-conference Autoprom Russia 2014: Igor Korovkin, Deputy Chairman of the Expert Council on Innovation Development of the Automotive Industry and Special Machinery under the RF State Duma Committee on Industry, Executive Director of the Association of Russian Automakers; Tatyana Arabadji, Director of Russian Automotive Market Research; Nikolay Fomenko, the Honoured Artist of Russia, the President of Marussia Motors; Sergei Alekseev, the President of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs (RUEF) and the Vice-President of ExpoForum.

Nikolay Fomenko, the President of Marussia Motors, wished progress to the automotive industry: «I wish we were not in the last car of the train but moved the market by ourselves, we should invent something to break the technological deadlock, focus on engineering instead of production stage».

The renowned expert of the automotive industry, Executive Director of the Association of Russian Automakers (OAR), Igor Korovkin overviewed the results of the previous year in his report, told the audience about 2014 trends, problematic issues of the industry, as well as the measures fostering its further development.

According to Igor Korovkin, the systematic problems of the Russian automotive industry are:

- technological lag from Western countries, particularly in information and communication technologies;

- absence of manufacturing of high-quality modern automotive parts and materials;

- lack of qualified personnel;

- imperfection of the following branches of the Russian legislation: technical (accreditation, standardization, technical regulations); tax (transport tax differentiation) and insurance; imperfect natural monopolies regulation;

- absence of consistent control over counterfeit.

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