Bus market forecast for 2019-2024

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«Bus market forecast for 2019-2024» contains detailed information on the Russian market – new and used bus sales, data on the bus production in Russia, the number and location of dealerships, average sales per dealership, as well as macroeconomic indicators and legal factors affecting the market. 

In addition, the report provides for the bus sales forecast for 2019-2024 by price segments, classes and brands, as well as the bus production forecast.

The report is prepared through desk research. The main data sources are own databases, state statistics service, manufacturers’ and dealers’ data. The report contains tables, charts, graphs.

The detailed analysis and the Russian bus market forecast are a necessary tool for strategic planning.


  1. Macroeconomic indicators
  2. Legal factors
  3. Bus production
  4. New bus market
  5. Used bus market
  6. Bus dealer networks
  7. Bus market and production forecast for 2019-2024
  8. Bus market news
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