Special purpose vehicles

Russian Automotive Market Research presents the special purpose vehicle report.

The report provides for data on the road construction, quarry and municipal vehicles.

The report examines tracked and wheeled vehicles, as well as vehicles on chassis.

It contains data on the special purpose vehicle fleet as of January 1, 2019 broken down by regions and engine types.

The report also shows the dynamics of sales, production and import/export of new special purpose vehicles in quantitative and money terms in 2014-2018.

Data on the market, production and import/export are broken down by brand/manufacturer, region, engine type.

The report allows you to make comprehensive analysis of the special purpose vehicle market:

  • Track changes in the number of vehicles:
    the emergence of new vehicles and withdrawal of unusable ones from the fleet
  • Study the demand for particular vehicles
  • Assess the density of competition in the market

The report is prepared in Excel format.


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