Solutions for suppliers

Launch of new models into the Russian market

Russian Automotive Market Research has developed a system to analyze model policy in Russia, demand for various vehicle options  etc,  as well as  its own approach to TCO calculation.

Russian Automotive Market Research will  help you analyze the current and prospective demand in the region, model lineup potential, customers’ preferences in terms of specifications, engine, price, financial service etc.

Competitive environment

Each brand has got a lot of attractions. The competitive environment highlights all the advantages. It is important to make the best use of the advantages and market potential.

Russian Automotive Market Research is happy to share its experience and expertise and help you come up with the most efficient solution or work out the most effective strategy.

  • Brand market potential
  • Position of a brand in different market segments
  • Launch of new products and services into the market
  • Most appropriate regions for the current lineup
  • Pricing policy
  • Model policy
  • Dealer networks
  • Competitive environment in regions

Russian Automotive Market Research will also help you to

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of the brand
  • Work out recommendations on improving the position of the brand
  • Calculate TCO for competing models
Date: 07.02.20
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Date: 05.10.21
Price: 55000 rub.
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