Spare parts market analysis

Russian Automotive Market Research conducts regular spare parts market research.

The purpose of our research is a comprehensive analysis of the spare parts market, assessment of the current state of different market segments.

The spare parts market analysis makes it possible to determine the main characteristics of the market: 

  • spare parts prices, 
  • the level of competition, 
  • seasonal demand fluctuations, 
  • market capacity, 
  • availability of counterfeit products, 

>> Price monitoring of spare parts for commercial vehicles of competitive line-up
Russian Automotive Market Research prepared the «Price monitoring of spare parts for commercial vehicles of competitive line-up» report.
On the basis of spare part stock numbers RAMR specialists collected prices for genuine and non-genuine spare parts for commercial vehicles.

>> Search of the stock numbers of spare parts, oils and fluids

In order to monitor the market it is necessary to select stock numbers of spare parts, oils and fluids. Spare parts market analysis is carried out according to the official OEM catalogues under the order. 

>> Spare parts, oils and fluids price survey 

Russian Automotive Market Research monthly monitors prices for spare parts, oils and fluids according to the customers’ requirements. 

>> Spare parts market capacity

Russian Automotive Market Research calculates the spare parts and fluids market capacity based on the customer's task. The spare parts market capacity is calculated in absolute and financial terms.




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