The end of warranty periods in corporate fleets

Based on data on the Russian corporate fleets Russian Automotive Market Research prepared a new product – «The end of warranty periods in corporate fleets».

The database considers the corporate fleet of cars of 2015-2018 model years.

The database provides data on:

  • The date of warranty period commencement
  • Warranty service life
  • The date of warranty period expiration
  • The number of months before the warranty period expiration.

The database also provides detailed information about analyzed cars:

  • Brand, model, version and technical specifications
  • Data on the owner - legal entity (name, contacts, type of activity, etc.).

The database will be useful for:

  • ОЕМ
  • Leasing companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Dealers, etc.

«The end of warranty periods in corporate fleets» database allows you to:

  • Track the end of the car warranty period
  • Form special offers on service and insurance of post-warranty cars
  • Create unique offers to manage corporate fleet, withdraw post-warranty cars and renew the fleet, as well as  optimize the brand and model portfolio

The database in Excel format can be prepared for any type of vehicle.

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