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Access format: online , API 

Report format: Excel

The VIN-module from Russian Automotive Market Research is a service that allows you to find out the vehicle history by its VIN code.

The VIN-module allows you to get detailed information on vehicles by the existing VIN codes. The program finds the appropriate vehicles – cars, trucks, buses, LCV, trailers - and provides the report in the form of an Excel table, which contains all the information in a clear and accessible form broken down by several blocks.

The report contains complete information on the vehicle you are interested in – its condition (new/used), year of manufacture, date and region of operation, brand and model. The report also provides for data on the vehicle technical characteristics – body type, engine type, displacement and capacity, fuel type, manufacturer and many other indicators.

The VIN-module allows you to use the VIN code to find out the history of vehicle ownership and the number of owners, as well as track its migration. In case of companies (legal entities) the report includes contact information (name, manager's name, telephone, e-mail, address, etc.). In addition, you can learn whether the vehicle was leased or not, information on the lessor and lessee from the history of vehicle ownership.

In addition to entering VIN codes manually, the system's functionality includes loading an array of VIN codes, as well as searching for vehicles by parameters: brand, model, version, body type, axle configuration, etc.

The VIN-module contains up-to-date information updated monthly.

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