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Regional car market in Russia

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Latest update: August 2016
Archive: 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012

Russian Automotive Market Research presents a monthly report on car sales to individual and corporate customers.

The statistical report presents the database of CAR SALES to individual and corporate customers. The report contains a detailed coverage of the car market in Russia.

Being the basis for the market analysis, the sales database lets the user determine the key market trends, market shares of the brands, models, segments, and come up with a short- and long-term forecast.  

CAR SALES database meets the needs of various customers.
The database of CAR SALES to individual and corporate customers can be purchased with a range of parameters: from the basic version to the full one, that contains detailed information on the vehicle technical specifications as well as corporate fleet owners.



Archives of VIN codes, vehicle type approvals etc, provide for high quality automotive statistics.  

Russian Automotive Market Research is also a software developer: our software DATA VEHICLES ensures detailed market analysis to impeccable standards.

The CAR SALES database is available in EXCEL, ACCESS, MSQL and DATA VEHICLES.

Contact information:

Tel: +7 (831) 464-02-98
Tel: +7 (831) 439-21-82
E-mail: napi@abiz.ru

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