• Grain trailer


Russian Automotive Market Research Marketing Agency prepared grain trailer technical specifications catalogue.

The database of grain trailer sales, which gives a full picture of the market of this type of trailers and semi-trailers in Russia, is created on its basis.

The catalogue includes more than 30 fields:

  • Vehicle type approval No., the date of its issuance and expiry
  • Body builder
  • Body type
  • Unloading type
  • Brand and model of base chassis
  • Cabin type
  • Wheel arrangement
  • Gross and curb weight
  • Trailer capacity
  • Bulb material, etc.

In addition to the characteristics listed above, grain trailer sales database for 2017 includes information on the state of vehicles on the date of purchase (new/used), the region and the locality of the vehicle purchase, the brand, model and modification of the grain trailer, manufacturer of the chassis and trailer, as well as data on the grain trailer buyers – company's TIN, name, type of activity.



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