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19.04.2019 / Volkswagen opened a new center in Izmailovo

«Avtorus» CG opened the new Volkswagen dealership in Izmailovo.
«Volkswagen Center Izmailovo» is equipped in accordance with the Digital concept. The total area of the dealership is more than 3900 square meters. 

19.04.2019 / Announcement of all versions of Renault Arkana coupe-crossover

The Rosstandart base included a certificate of vehicle type approval for Renault Arkana.
Coupe-crossover will receive 1.3-liter engine capacity of 150 HP developed by Renault and Daimler in pair with CVT and all-wheel drive for extra payment.

18.04.2019 / Volvo opened the new dealership in Yekaterinburg

Volvo opened the new dealership in Yekaterinburg.
Volvo Car Autolider center area of 446 square meters will present the entire model line-up of the brand. It will sell new and used Volvo cars ...

18.04.2019 / Land Rover Discovery in special version Landmark will enter the Russian market

Land Rover will start Russian sales of a special version of Discovery SUV called Landmark in July 2019.
The version Landmark was developed on the basis of SE configuration and received Dynamic Pack package, including the modified front bumper  ...

17.04.2019 / Volkswagen Touareg received a new version Exclusive in Russia

Volkswagen Touareg crossover received a new version Exclusive in the Russian market. Novelty prices start from 4 million 259 thousand rubles.
Volkswagen Touareg Exclusive received led matrix headlamps, 19-inch wheel disks, tinted rear windows...

17.04.2019 / LADA XRAY with CVT received vehicle type approval

AVTOVAZ received vehicle type approval for LADA XRAY with CVT. The document will come into force on May 6, 2019.
According to the vehicle type approval, the car will receive the new power unit - 1.6-liter Renault engine ...

17.04.2019 / Haval dealers in Russia complete sales of H6 Coupe coupe-crossover

Haval terminates sales of H6 Coupe crossover in the Russian market. The number of cars almost runs out in dealerships.
Haval H6 Coupe coupe-crossover entered the Russian market in October 2017 ...

16.04.2019 / AvtoVAZ offered the Russians to come up with new names for LADA models

AvtoVAZ offered the Russians to come up with new names for the future LADA models. Anyone can offer his variants on the LADA official website from April 15 to April 29, 2019.

16.04.2019 / Audi opened the new dealership in Moscow

Avilon group opened the new Audi center on the historic territory of the former Likhachev plant.
The seven-floor Audi Center Avilon dealer center area of 8400 square meters has showrooms, sales zones, service stations and administrative offices. 

16.04.2019 / Avtotor launched the production of the new KIA Cerato by full cycle

Avtotor plant in Kaliningrad launched the production of a new Kia Cerato sedan by full cycle, including welding, painting and assembly. Cars assembled by full cycle will become available in Kia dealerships in the second half of April.