21.07.2014 / UAZ offered discounts for vehicles Patriot

Russian Automotive Market Research

Beginning July 18 vehicles UAZ Patriot with petrol engine in a version Classic can be purchased at the reduced price of 499 thousand rubles. Discount amounted to 100 thousand rubles.

In addition to UAZ Patriot Classic, prices for versions Comfort, Limited, Expedition, Trophy and Unlimited were reduced by 30 thousand rubles. The top version Unlimited costs 669950 rubles now.

The price reduction can be connected with the upcoming update of the model, which will take place less than in two months. The SUV will be facelifted, get the new interior and equipped with new options.

21.07.2014 / Sales of new Range Rover and Range Rover Sport will start in August

Russian Automotive Market Research

The company Jaguar Land Rover presented SUVs Range Rover and Range Rover Sport of the 2015 model year. Models received upgraded 8-speed automatic gear boxes, 339 HP 4.4-liter biturbodiesel engine V8 with the maximum torque increased to 740 Nm, as well as new variants of body colors and equipment. In Russia orders for updated all-wheel drive vehicles will be accepted in August, Range Rover Sport will cost from 3375000 to 5175000 rubles and Range Rover – from 4256000 to 8414000 rubles.

17.07.2014 / Production of cars in the first half of 2014

Russian Automotive Market Research

According to Federal State Statistics Service of Russia, over six months of 2014, 920 thousand cars rolled off the Russian production lines, which is a 1.3% decrease on the previous year. Meanwhile, in June, about 160 thousand cars were produced, which is a 0.5% decrease on the year prescription.

Last month AVTOVAZ produced 32902 cars Lada (+0.7%). The most mass model of the enterprise in June was the budget sedan Lada Granta - 8254 cars were produced (-32.3%).

As for the production of foreign cars, Hyundai plant in Saint Petersburg switched over to the production of Hyundai Solaris of the new generation since June 16. In addition, last month the company GM-Auto stopped its conveyor for two weeks according to the production schedule, and Nissan plant went on a two-week summer corporate leave in late June.

16.07.2014 / Production of Toyota plant in Saint Petersburg slightly decreased in January-June 2014

Russian Automotive Market Research

Following the results of the first half of 2014 Toyota plant in Saint Petersburg produced 19129 cars Toyota Camry, which is a 1.5% decrease on the previous year (19427 cars). Currently the plant works in the ordinary course, i.e. five days a week in two shifts.

Currently Toyota plant in Saint Petersburg completes the launch of body part stamping and plastic parts shops. Their opening is scheduled for the end of 2014; investments into the plant expansion will amount to about 2.7 billion rubles. New production processes will complement existing ones, which today include welding, painting and assembly.

In 2016 Toyota plant in Saint Petersburg will launch the production of the second model - crossover Toyota RAV4 of the current generation. Production will be carried out for the markets of Russia and Belarus.

15.07.2014 / State institutions will not be able to purchase foreign cars

Russian Automotive Market Research

The Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree forbidding the government structures to buy foreign cars and vehicles.

Vehicles of foreign production are cars assembled outside Russia. This document provides for the development of industrial cooperation by Russian enterprises, including in the form of localization of production of a number of technical samples. According to the decree cars of foreign brands produced in Russia are Russian.

It should be noted that the matter concerns not only cars of officials, but also public transport, emergency vehicles, those of state-funded organizations and public utilities.

14.07.2014 / Import and export of cars over five months of 2014

Russian Automotive Market Research

Following the results of five months of 2014 import of cars to the Russian Federation decreased by 13.6% and made 322.9 thousand cars. According to Federal Customs Service of Russia, for the reporting period, cars on 6 billion 114.4 million dollars were imported to Russia. 303.7 thousand cars on 5 billion 969.6 million dollars were imported from foreign countries, 19.2 thousand cars on 144.8 million dollars - from CIS countries.

Export of cars from Russia over five months of 2014 decreased by 5.3% and made 50.5 thousand cars on 564.8 million dollars. 48.9 thousand cars on 549.6 million dollars were supplied to CIS countries and 1.5 thousand cars on 15.2 million dollars - to foreign countries.

11.07.2014 / Sales of new Fiat 500 were launched in Russia

Russian Automotive Market Research

The company Chrysler Rus launched sales of a hatchback Fiat 500 of the new model year, which received new body colors, new variants of light alloy disks and upholstery, as well as 7-inch LCD display in the dash panel. The price for the car increased by 5-10 thousand rubles depending on a version.

Fiat 500 is offered in Russia in versions Pop (with 1.2-liter engine capacity of 69 HP) at the price from 570 thousand rubles, Lounge (with 1.4-liter engine capacity of 100 HP) at the price from 685 thousand rubles and Sport (with 1.4-liter engine capacity of 100 HP) at the price from 690 thousand rubles.

09.07.2014 / Sales of cars in Russia decreased by 17% in June

Russian Automotive Market Research

In June 2014 sales of new cars and light commercial vehicles in Russia decreased by record 17.3% or 41674 units in comparison with the similar period of the last year. According to the report of Association of European Businesses, a total of 199398 cars were sold last month.

Following the results of the first half of 2014, the Russian automotive market decreased by 7.6% or 101266 units of new cars and light commercial vehicles. Over the first six months 1229839 cars were sold in Russia.

Taking into account this trend, AEB has corrected the forecast for 2014 for the market of cars and light commercial vehicles to 2.45 million units, which is a 12% decrease on 2013.

09.07.2014 / Lada sales decreased by 19% in June

Russian Automotive Market Research

In June 2014 AVTOVAZ sales in the Russian market decreased by 19% in comparison with June 2013 and made 30114 cars. In the first half of 2014 sales of the largest Russian automaker fell by 15% to 192808 units.

In June sales of the company’s bestseller and the most mass model - Lada Granta - fell by 24% (12958 cars were sold). Sales of Priora decreased by 40% (2985 units), SUVs 4 x 4 - by 34% (2459 units). Sales of station wagons and vans Largus increased by 39% (6981 units) and the model Kalina - by 33% (3872 units).

08.07.2014 / Datsun on-DO will be available at the price from 329 thousand rubles

Russian Automotive Market Research

Datsun announced the initial price for its first model in Russia - on-DO. The launch of sales of a new car is scheduled for the end of July. Sedan will be offered in three versions: Access, Trust and Dream. The price for a base version will start from 329000 rubles.

Datsun on-DO will be available with 1.6-liter engine capacity of 82 or 87 HP depending on configuration. The base version includes: electric power steering, front seat heater, folding rear seats and full-size spare wheel, ABS, BAS and EBD systems, airbag for the driver and the child safety seat attachment system Isofix.

The first dealer centers of the brand will appear in Moscow, Volgograd, Voronezh, Nizhny Novgorod, Omsk, Orenburg, Ryazan, Samara, Ulyanovsk, Khabarovsk, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Tyumen, Chelyabinsk and Ufa.