30.06.2015 / Production of KIA Sorento Prime was launched in Kaliningrad

Russian Automotive Market Research

The plant Avtotor in Kaliningrad launched the production of KIA Sorento of the third generation. The new car complements the model line-up of KIA in Russia and will be presented in the Russian market as KIA Sorento Prime.

All-wheel drive KIA Sorento Prime is produced at Avtotor with 2.2-liter turbo diesel engine capacity of 200 HP, automatic gear box in 5 and 7-seat version.

Currently the plant in Kaliningrad produces two models of Sorento. In addition to Sorento Prime, it continues the full cycle production of KIA Sorento (with body welding and painting), launched in November 2013.

29.06.2015 / BMW opened dealer center in Vladivostok

Russian Automotive Market Research

The first dealership BMW, BMW M and BMW Motorrad of the company Premier Auto was opened in Vladivostok. This BMW dealership is located in the suburbs of Vladivostok and was built in accordance with BMW AG standards.

Three show rooms, in which new BMW cars, used BMW cars, as well as BMW Motorrad motorcycles are presented, are located in a center area of 4500 square meters. In addition, there are equipped separate zones BMW Individual, BMW M and BMW M Performance.

Service zone covers an area of 2000 square meters; there are 24 posts of the car repair and 2 washings. Also Premier Auto dealership has a specially equipped workshop for servicing BMW Motorrad motorcycles.

26.06.2015 / Haval launched sales in Russia

Russian Automotive Market Research

The Chinese brand Haval, which postponed its entering the Russian market for several times, opened its first dealership in Moscow and launched sales of its cars on June 25. The company will begin its supplies with H9 frame SUV, which the automaker plans to sell in Russia at the price of 2.15 million rubles.

Another model, H8 SUV with all-wheel drive, will appear in the Russian market in October 2015 and will cost from 2.05 million rubles, and in the future the model line-up will be supplemented with the model H6 Coupe.

The company offers the warranty of 3 years or 100 thousand km on its models, as well as provides the road assistance with its partners. The automaker plans to create a technical center to train staff in Russia, launch the production of parts and organize at least four spare parts warehouses.

26.06.2015 / Volvo launched the program of auto loans subsidizing

Russian Automotive Market Research

Volvo Car Russia announced the launch of a new program of auto loans subsidizing from Volvo Car Credit. The program covers models Volvo XC60 and XC70 in all versions. The program will last until October 2015.

The interest rate is reduced through the provision of subsidies for models Volvo XC60 and XC70 of 2015 and 2016 model years, purchased on credit in official dealer centers supporting this program. The program covers all specifications except for special series, as well as corporate, demo and replacement cars.

The buyer can save by reducing the principal by the provided amount of subsidies. The marketing rate of 9.9% is achieved with the fixed car cost without additional equipment and options, the initial payment of 50% and the loan term of 2 years.

24.06.2015 / Toyota and Lexus dealer complex was opened in Lipetsk

Russian Automotive Market Research

Toyota Motor opened new dealerships Toyota Center Lipetsk and Lexus-Lipetsk. Toyota dealer in Lipetsk previously worked as an authorized partner. At the end of May 2015 Toyota Center Lipetsk moved into a new building and received a status of official dealer of the brand. At the same time Lexus-Lipetsk, which works in a status of an authorized partner dealer, began its operation.

Dealer complex is located in the central part of Lipetsk on the territory of 3 hectares. The total area of Toyota Center Lipetsk is 4049 square meters, Lexus-Lipetsk – 2294 square meters. The showroom of Toyota Center Lipetsk covers an area of 570.5 square meters and that of Lexus-Lipetsk - 560 square meters.

Area of a service zone of Toyota Center Lipetsk is 1540 square meters. There are 11 posts of mechanical repair, 9 posts of body repair, 1 painting camera and 3 car washings. Spare parts warehouse of Toyota Center Lipetsk covers an area of 141 square meters. A service zone of Lexus-Lipetsk has an area of 668 square meters with 6 posts of mechanical repair and 1 car washing. The area of Lexus warehouse of spare parts is 70 square meters. The body repair of Lexus cars is carried out in a service zone of the neighboring Toyota Center Lipetsk.

23.06.2015 / UAZ offered discounts for the purchase of cars on credit

Russian Automotive Market Research

UAZ extended the program of vehicle park renewal and launched special terms for the purchase of cars on credit. The program will be valid until June 30, 2015 and covers a limited number of cars.

Preferential terms are effective when delivering the used car for scrappage or under the program trade-in, as well as when buying the car on credit. Discount when buying the car on credit is 50 thousand rubles for any UAZ model. Discounts under scrappage scheme and when buying the car on credit can be summed.

Under the program UAZ Patriot, UAZ Pickup and UAZ Hunter SUVs can be purchased with a maximum discount of 140 thousand rubles. The price for UAZ Patriot in a basic version under a special offer is 559 thousand rubles, the initial price of the petrol version of UAZ Pickup – 529 thousand rubles and UAZ Hunter – 359 thousand rubles. Cars of UAZ commercial line-up are available under the program with the maximum discount of 170 thousand rubles, and the base cost will be 359990 rubles.

23.06.2015 / Audi announced a special offer concerning sales of used cars

Russian Automotive Market Research

Audi presents a special action in the framework of Audi Meeting Point program, designed for owners of Audi cars not older than five years. According to the action, the client may sell the car through an authorized dealer at the amount equal to sales price – the dealer does not take the commission for this service neither from the seller nor the buyer. The action is valid until August 31.

Dealer organizes a demonstration of the car to potential buyers, checks the legal purity of the transaction and provides for calculations between the parties. Also the client doesn't need to leave his car for the term of sales, but to deliver it to the dealer only for demonstration to potential customers. Under Audi Meeting Point program only actually rendered services, such as diagnostics, interior cleaning or body polishing should be paid. This paid amount will be returned to the customer when calculating upon the transaction.

22.06.2015 / Nissan keeps its sales due to low rates on loans

Russian Automotive Market Research

Nissan offered special lending terms for the purchase of Nissan Qashqai of 2015 year of manufacture: 9.9% for 3 years. The offer is valid under the own lending program Nissan Finance with the initial payment of 50% of the car value and the loan term of up to 3 years.

The rate of 9.9% continues to cover models Nissan Teana, Pathfinder, X-Trail and Murano. In addition, in June the rate of 0% for 3 years is effective for Nissan Juke and Nissan Terrano. Nissan Almera, Sentra and Tiida can be purchased on credit at the rate of 6.9% per annum. Special lending terms from Nissan Finance are valid up to June 30, 2015 in all official dealerships of Nissan in Russia.

22.06.2015 / Subaru offered special terms for the purchase of Forester

Russian Automotive Market Research

Subaru Motor announced a special offer for the purchase of Subaru Forester up to July 31, 2015. When buying the car savings will be 100 thousand rubles, this special offer can be combined with other programs: Subaru Drive (auto loan), Trade-in and leasing. Also Subaru Motor extends special programs Subaru Drive and Trade-in, which cover cars Subaru Forester of the 2015 model year.

Under the auto lending program Subaru Drive until July 31, 2015 the new Subaru Forester can be purchased on credit at the reduced interest rate of 5.5% per annum. Under the program, the interest rate in the loan agreement will be 5.5% per annum with the loan term of 1 year, 8.9-9.9% per annum with the loan term of 2 years or 11.9-12.9% per annum with the loan term of 3 years. The loan is provided in rubles, the minimum initial payment is 50% of the car value. Exclusive partner of Subaru Motor under this program is UniCredit Bank.

19.06.2015 / BYD stopped sales of its cars in Russia

Russian Automotive Market Research

The Chinese BYD stopped sales of its cars in the Russian market. The main reason is the low demand for cars of the Chinese automaker. According to the Association of European businesses (AEB), in 2014 BYD sold only five cars in Russia despite the fact that the company presented three novelties, S6 crossover and F5 and F7 sedans, at the Moscow International motor show in 2014.