31.03.2016 / AVTOVAZ conducts service action «Set up for spring»

Russian Automotive Market Research

From April 1 to June 30, 2016 AVTOVAZ carries out the action «Set up for spring». Owners of all LADA models (except Vesta and XRAY) can conduct a comprehensive diagnostics of the car in official dealer centers only for 299 rubles, and if necessary, replace spare parts with the discount of 20% of their value.

Comprehensive diagnostics under the action «Set up for spring» provides for the inspection of suspension, brakes, electronics and lighting, as well as the control of liquid levels. During the action official LADA dealers offer shock absorbers, wheel bearings, support struts, brake pads, discs and drums, ball joints, steering tips, drive hinges with a discount of 20%.

30.03.2016 / Hyundai offers the new loan for the purchase of Solaris

Russian Automotive Market Research

Hyundai Motor CIS developed a new financial product «Start» for the purchase of Hyundai Solaris. The program provides for the use of the car with the initial payment of 30% of the car value. The remaining amount is issued on credit under the rate in the framework of the program of state subsidizing of the interest rate, at that monthly payments are reduced to 50% in comparison with the standard loan. This was achieved due to the fact that part of the car cost (guaranteed residual value) is recorded by the bank immediately, and the buyer need not pay it during the loan term (3 years).

At the end of the loan the buyer can renew the car, delivering it under trade-in; leave the car, paying the residual value immediately or extend the loan for another 2 years at the favorable rate; return the car to the bank at a guaranteed minimum residual value and close the debt.

30.03.2016 / Nissan opened a new center in Samara

Russian Automotive Market Research

Nissan opened its third dealership in Samara – the center «Expert Samara», built in accordance with the Nissan New retail Concept, distinctive features of which are interactive communication with the client, the mobility of the center employees and the «one window» principle for the client.

The new center features innovative technical equipment. Its area is more than 1700 square meters; it has 19 lifts and 6 washings. The showroom presents the entire line-up of Nissan cars.

29.03.2016 / The level of production localization will be taken in account when distributing state subsidies

Russian Automotive Market Research

In the near future the Ministry of Industry and Trade may change criteria for the distribution of state subsidies under the program of vehicle park renewal. The matter concerns the calculation of the amount of state subsidies taking into account the level of production localization of the automaker (changes concern cars).

At the moment, support of producers in the framework of the program of vehicle park renewal is directly proportional to dynamics of sales of brands, and this basic principle will remain unchanged. The level of localization can be considered as an additional, bonus criterion. According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, it is logical: the state is interested in supporting sales of highly localized cars, but not assembled of imported components.

29.03.2016 / Zotye launched sales of the second model in Russia

Russian Automotive Market Research

Sales of Zotye Z300 sedan of golf-class were launched in Russia. The car is offered in a version Elegant with two engines and two gear boxes. So, 1.5-liter engine capacity of 113 HP works in combination with 5-speed manual gear box and 1.6-liter engine (122 HP) is offered with four-speed automatic gear box. The version with manual gear box will cost 699 990 rubles, with automatic gear box - 779 990 rubles.

The basic version of the car received electric window raisers, central locking with remote control, audio system with four speakers, air conditioner, front airbags and anti-theft alarm system.

Earlier in March the company Zotye launched sales of T600 crossover in Russia, its prices start from 849 900 rubles. Cars are produced in Belarus at the plant Unison.

28.03.2016 / Launch of sales of the updated Infiniti QX50

Russian Automotive Market Research

Restyled Infiniti QX50, sales of which were launched in Russia, received the long wheelbase (80 mm longer), increased cabin and trunk. The car exterior has new led daytime running lights, led fog lamps and repeater signals. The design of rocker panel, rear bumper and wheel disks changed.

Infiniti QX50 is offered in three versions: Elite, Hi-tech and Design, the cost of which is     2 600 479 rubles, 2 652 900 rubles and 2 692 900 rubles, respectively. The crossover has one engine — displacement of 2.5 liters and capacity of 222 HP. The car is equipped with 7-speed automatic gear box and all-wheel drive.

The previous version of Infiniti QX50 was available in two versions — Elite and Hi-tech at the price of 2 060 000 and 2 180 000 rubles, respectively.

25.03.2016 / The new Honda CR-V will enter the Russian market in April

Russian Automotive Market Research

In April Honda will launch the Russian sales of the updated Honda CR-V crossover of 2016 model year. The car is equipped with 2.0-liter petrol engine. This model will be available in four versions: Comfort, Elegance, Sport and Executive. Prices for the car start from 1 529 900 rubles. Clients, who want to purchase the top version of CR-V, will have to pay 2 039 900 rubles. The basic version of the car is equipped with 6-speed manual gear box and front-wheel drive.

The road clearance of the updated model was increased to 180 mm especially for the Russian market. The noise level in the car cabin was reduced by 6% due to new materials of door spacers and additional floor covering.

25.03.2016 / Terms of Lexus program «Roadside assistance» changed

Russian Automotive Market Research

The company Lexus extended the program «Roadside assistance» to cars, delivered to official Lexus dealer centers for the paid maintenance. The car can be connected to the program, if its age does not exceed 8 years from the date of transfer of the car to the first buyer.

Services provided under the program are similar for new and used cars and include 24/7 roadside assistance, information support, repair (including on site), transportation of the damaged car, safe storage, assistance of the manager in case of the accident and services of emergency commissioner, the provision of a courtesy car, hotel accommodation during repair, concierge services, legal assistance, transportation to and from the airport, service of designated driver, etc.

24.03.2016 / Hyundai launched the test production of Creta model

Russian Automotive Market Research

Hyundai Motor launched the test production of the new Creta crossover at the plant in Saint Petersburg. Serial assembly of the model will be launched in the third quarter of 2016.

53 new robots were additionally installed in the welding shop specifically for the launch of a new model. Currently the first test Creta cars assembled at the Russian plant are inspected and tested.

The level of localization of the crossover will be about 30%, and by 2017 this figure will reach 50%. Crossovers of the Russian assembly will be supplied to neighboring countries: Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova and Uzbekistan.

24.03.2016 / Skoda will suspend supplies of Fabia in Russia for several years

Russian Automotive Market Research

In the coming years Skoda Fabia hatchback of B-class will not be supplied to Russia. The company notes that one of the major obstacles to deliver Fabia model in Russia is the weak ruble, which currently has a negative impact on the cost of imported vehicles. At the same time, the assembly of this model in Russia is hampered by small volumes of production, caused by the current state of the Russian market.