28.12.2018 / Cadillac dealers in Russia began to accept orders for Escalade limited series

Cadillac launches sales of a special series of Escalade SUV 20th Anniversary Edition in Russia, developed for the 20th anniversary of the model. The minimum cost of the novelty is 6 350 thousand rubles. The number of cars is limited.
Cadillac Escalade 20th Anniversary Edition has the «black metallic» color...

27.12.2018 / A neural network to fix traffic violations appeared in Moscow

An artificial neural network is used in the traffic cameras in Moscow. The neural network is designed to eliminate errors when fixing traffic violations. Moreover, the neural network is able to independently verify the data from cameras with information from the traffic police database, to determine the vehicle brand by size and shape of the body. 

26.12.2018 / In January-November 2018 the market capacity of new cars increased by 23%, used cars – by 12%

Over eleven months of 2018 weighted average prices for new cars grew by 9.0% on the same period of 2017, for used cars - by 9.1%.
In January-November 2018 the new car market capacity increased by 23.2% on the same period of 2017...

26.12.2018 / AVTOSET.RF opened a new dealership in Chelyabinsk

AVTOSET.RF partner in Chelyabinsk became «Ural BEST».
The new center with a total area of 1500 square meters is located on the Gagarin Street next to another brand of the Ural BEST portfolio - LADA. 

26.12.2018 / Mercedes-Benz G-Class received diesel engine

Mercedes-Benz equipped the new generation G-Class SUV with a diesel engine. The engine with OM 656 index has been already installed on the flagship S-Class, CLS and GLE. The new 2.9-liter engine capacity of 286 HP is paired with 9-speed automatic gear box and permanent all-wheel drive.

25.12.2018 / Hyundai will open a regional headquarters in Russia

Hyundai announced the creation of a regional headquarters in Russia. The new headquarters will be responsible for planning and operational management of production in Russia, as well as for distribution of products in Russia and CIS countries ...

25.12.2018 / Toyota plant in Saint Petersburg goes on planned vacation

The Toyota plant in Saint Petersburg stops production for the period of planned collective leave. During the holiday the building and equipment will be repaired, as well as the new equipment will be installed. On January 9, 2019 the company will begin operating in usual mode.

25.12.2018 / Hyundai and the government of Saint Petersburg concluded the SPIC

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus and the government of Saint Petersburg signed a special investment contract. The third party of the agreement became the Ministry of Industry and Trade.
The contract provides for the renewal of the model line-up, modernization of production and the creation of a research center.

25.12.2018 / The production of Aurus cars will be set up at the Sollers plant

In the middle of 2020 Sollers in Alabuga will launch mass production of Aurus cars.
Sollers plant will create capacity for the production of 5 thousand cars per year. Now Aurus cars are manufactured at NAMI facilities in Moscow with the maximum capacity of 220-250 cars a year.

24.12.2018 / Mitsubishi opened a new center in Moscow

The new Mitsubishi Motors dealership in Moscow is designed in accordance with the new global design of the brand.
Rolf Yug dealership has a total area of over 2200 square meters. Area of the showroom is 560 square meters.