30.08.2019 / Hyundai presented the car subscription service in Russia

Hyundai plans to launch the Hyundai Mobility online platform - a subscription to the brand's cars using a mobile application. The company intends to spend about 100 million rubles on platform promotion. The service start is scheduled for October 1.

30.08.2019 / Renault Arkana is available to car sharing users in Russia

The park of «Car Rent» car sharing company received 15 new Renault Arkana coupe-crossovers in the version Edition One. The car rent pre-order is open in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Sochi and Krasnodar.
Sales of Renault Arkana coupe-crossover began in Russia in July 2019. 

29.08.2019 / The new Porsche Macan Turbo is available to buyers in Russia

Porsche dealers in Russia began to accept orders for the updated version of Macan Turbo crossover. Prices for the novelty start from 6 million 896 thousand rubles.
The crossover received a new 2.9-liter engine capacity of 440 HP, which works in combination with 7-speed gear box and all-wheel drive. 

29.08.2019 / GM-AVTOVAZ plans to stop its assembly line for a week

GM-AVTOVAZ JV, producing Chevrolet Niva SUV, plans to stop production from September 2 to September 6. The reason is to optimize the balance of supply and demand. Car shipments will go as usual.

28.08.2019 / Toyota leasing company starts work in Russia

«Toyota Leasing» LLC started work in Russia. The company will provide financial leasing of Toyota cars for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. «Toyota Leasing» LLC is a subsidiary of Toyota Bank JSC and part of Toyota group of companies.

28.08.2019 / Delimobil car-sharing park was supplemented with Nissan Qashqai cars

Delimobil car-sharing park in Moscow was supplemented with more than 170 updated Nissan Qashqai crossovers. The partner of the transaction became Europlan leasing company.
The updated Nissan Qashqai entered the Russian market in April 2019.

28.08.2019 / LEXUS SUVs preserve value better

According to RAMR, LEXUS RX is a leader among the five most popular models of premium SUVs* after 5 years of operation by preservation of residual value with a result of 50.5%
After 7 years of ownership, the largest residual value belongs to LEXUS RX ...

27.08.2019 / The new Haval dealership opened in Yaroslavl

«Avtomir» group of companies opened Haval center in Yaroslavl.
Area of the new dealer center is 700 square meters. Service zone has 4 posts for car maintenance. 

26.08.2019 / «Aurus» gallery opened in Moscow

The grand opening of «Aurus» gallery, the first brand showroom, took place in the «Moscow-City» business center (IQ-quarter).
During the event, the price for Aurus Senat sedan was officially announced. 

26.08.2019 / Launch of production of LADA Granta Drive Active

LADA launched the production of Lada Granta sedan in the version Drive Active.
The car received LADA Sport suspension, anatomical front seats with the developed lateral support, contoured bumpers, threshold spinners, boot spoiler etc.