Automotive Market in CIS

14.05.2015 / Automotive industry of Uzbekistan will decrease in 2015-2016

In the next two years Uzbekistan plans to reduce the production of cars. Thus, according to Uzavtoprom JSC, in 2014, 245.7 thousands cars were produced in the country. In turn, according to the forecast target parameters specified in the Program of measures on structural reforms, modernization and diversification of production for 2015-2019, in 2015, 219 thousand cars will be produced (-11% on 2014)

13.05.2015 / 3 thousand cars were sold in Ukraine in April 2015

According to Association of car makers of Ukraine «Ukravtoprom», in April sales of new cars in Ukraine decreased by 61% and made 3057 units. In comparison with the previous month, the market of new cars increased by 35%. Over four months of 2015, 10837 cars were sold in Ukraine, which is a 76% decrease on the previous year.


12.05.2015 / «BelGee» will construct a new plant producing Geely cars in Belarus

The company Belgee, investors of which are BelAZ, Geely and the joint Belarusian-Chinese enterprise Soyuzavtotechnologii, will begin construction of a new plant producing cars at the end of May of this year.



06.05.2015 / AVTOVAZ increases supplies of cars in Ukraine

AVTOVAZ gradually increases the export of new Lada cars to the territory of Ukraine. In the first quarter of 2015 supplies grew to 233 cars against 33 units in the previous year, while sales of Lada in the neighboring country fell more than 3-fold and made 288 cars.