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24.01.2020 / Residual value of Chinese dumpers

According to Russian Automotive Market Research, SHAANXI SX3258 is a leader in terms of residual value preservation with a result of 73.6% among the most in-demand models of Chinese dumpers after 3 years of operation ...

24.01.2020 / More than 430 GAZ buses will be delivered in Tver

GAZ Group will deliver 438 buses to Tver.
Delivery of 110 LiAZ-5292 large buses with the capacity of 105 passengers, 314 LiAZ-4292 medium buses with the capacity of 73 passengers and 14 Gazelle Next frame buses with the capacity of 20 passengers is scheduled for the first quarter of 2020 ...

23.01.2020 / ISUZU RUS enters the Armenian market

Isuzu Rus in cooperation with Grand Auto LLC starts working in the Armenian market. All Isuzu commercial models manufactured in Russia will be delivered to the country. Armenia became the third country of the Customs Union, along with Kazakhstan and Belarus, which entered the area of responsibility of Isuzu Rus ...

22.01.2020 / Another 200 KAMAZ electric buses will be delivered to Moscow

KAMAZ won a tender for the supply of 200 electric buses to Moscow. Vehicles will be delivered in several batches until August 31, 2020.
According to the technical specification, the warranty period for electric buses will be at least 4 years ...

22.01.2020 / GAZ Group will deliver 100 electric buses to Moscow

In 2020 GAZ Group will deliver 100 electric buses to Moscow. The period of vehicle service is 15 years. The total value of the contract is 5.6 billion rubles.
Electric buses will be delivered in the updated version ... 

22.01.2020 / How did the trailer prices change?

Russian Automotive Market Research analyzed prices from electronic platforms for new and used trailers and prepared reports on average price dynamics.
According to RAMR, SESPEL, BONUM and GRAZ became the leaders by sales of new tank trailers in 2019 ...

16.01.2020 / The new bus market grew by 7% in 2019

According to RAMR, in 2019 the new bus market grew by 7.0% and amounted to 13.91 thousand units.
For the reporting period bus sales of the market leader Pavlovo bus plant amounted to 8.04 thousand units, which was a 6.9% rise year-on-year ...

16.01.2020 / In 2019 new truck sales decreased by 2%

According to RAMR, in 2019 new truck sales amounted to 80.10 thousand units - by 1.7% less than in 2018.
The traditional market leader KAMAZ sold 28.64 thousand new trucks for the reporting period, which was a 6.2% rise year-on-year ...

15.01.2020 / Trailers on 150 billion rubles were sold in Russia

According to RAMR, in January-November 2019, the weighted average price for new trailers and semi-trailers increased by 4.0% on the same period of 2018 and amounted to 2 580 197 rubles. The new trailer market capacity grew by 1.1% for the reporting period and reached 73 618 million rubles.

14.01.2020 / In 2020 Opel plans to bring 4 models to the Russian market

Opel plans to expand its model range in Russia in 2020: four more models of the brand may be available by the end of the year. At the end of the first quarter of 2020 Opel Vivaro cargo van will go on sale, the production of which will be set up at PSMA Rus plant in Kaluga.