11.11.2019 / CRANE Center KAMAZ presented a new special purpose vehicle

Russian Automotive Market Research

CRANE Center KAMAZ together with Palfinger CIS presented dropside KAMAZ-43118 with Palfinger IT150 crane-manipulator unit with updated characteristics at the «100+ Forum Russia» held in Yekaterinburg.

The upgraded cable-operated crane-manipulator features load capacity increased to 7.05 tons and a new control post with a five-section distributor. The vehicle is equipped with Euro-5 engine. The chassis load capacity is 12 tons.

13.07.2020 / How many vehicles and special purpose vehicles will withdraw from leasing by the end of the year?

According to Russian Automotive Market Research, in July – December 2020, financial leasing contracts for 94.8 thousand vehicles and trailers will be completed.
Cars will account for the largest share of them: 48.2 thousand cars will withdraw from leasing...

07.07.2020 / The new service station for KAMAZ electric buses opened in Moscow

The new service station for KAMAZ electric buses starts operating in Moscow.
The new station is located in the branch of the Central State Unitary Enterprise «Mosgortrans». The fleet completely updated infrastructure, installed new charging stations, is equipped with boxes for diagnostics ...

07.07.2020 / In which regions did the truck market revenue increase?

In January-May 2020, the new truck market revenue amounted to 165 billion rubles, which was a 5.6% decline on January-May 2019.
A 10.9% drop in new truck sales caused negative dynamics of the market revenue...

06.07.2020 / Presentation of the fuel tanker based on UAZ Profi

The universal tanker was created on the basis of UAZ Profi. The special version was developed by the brand partner – «Vector» in the Moscow region. Depending on the equipment, the model can service and refuel vehicles, small river vessels or ultralight aircraft...

06.07.2020 / Corporate leave at GAZ completed

GAZ resumes the work after a corporate leave, which took place at the company since June 22.
The four-day operating mode introduced at GAZ till December 18 was not canceled, but it is planned that, taking into account the downtime ...

06.07.2020 / LCV sales are falling in quantitative and money terms

In January-May 2020 the new LCV market revenue amounted to 59 billion rubles, which was a 9.6% decline on January-May 2019. Negative dynamics of the market revenue was caused by the decrease in new LCV sales by 14.9%...

06.07.2020 / Grunwald developed a dumper superstructure for the new Ford Trucks 4142D

Grunwald developed the new generation dumper superstructures for Ford Trucks 4142D chassis.
The main innovations of Gr.F22-SH-II superstructure are the body material, the new design of the vertical reinforcement of sides, the rear flap and the protective visor.

03.07.2020 / Volvo delivered a batch of LNG tractor units for «ACRail» company in the Moscow region

Volvo FH LNG tractor units running on liquefied natural gas were transferred on the territory of Volvo Group Truck Center Moscow-South in Domodedovo.
ACRail cement carrier of the Moscow region decided to purchase the experimental batch of vehicles...

02.07.2020 / The Russian government expanded possibilities of agricultural vehicle leasing

The Government of the Russian Federation published order No. 1698-r of June 27, 2020 on the allocation of 6 billion rubles to the Ministry of Agriculture in 2020 to recapitalize «Rosagroleasing». Funds will come from the reserve fund of the Russian Government...

30.06.2020 / How much can LCV sales fall by the year-end?

According to the baseline forecast scenario by RAMR, in 2020 new light commercial vehicle sales will decrease by 21.9% on 2019 and will amount to 92.8 thousand units. Under the optimistic scenario, sales will fall by 19.4%, while under the pessimistic one - by 25.6%...

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