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10.10.2019 / Ural presented auger snow blower on the all-wheel drive Ural NEXT chassis

The auger snow blower for airports was developed on the all-wheel drive Ural NEXT (6x6) chassis.
The attach equipment is manufactured by the automobile plant partner – «SpecAgregat» plant in Miass. The snow blower is designed for snow removal from runways, taxiways, aircraft parking lots ...

10.10.2019 / The bus market remains in the black

According to RAMR, оver the first nine months of 2019 the new bus market grew by 9.7% to 9.82 thousand units.
Bus sales of the market leader Pavlovo bus plant amounted to 5.80 thousand units for the reporting period, which was a 13.9% rise year on-year.

10.10.2019 / New truck sales decreased by 3% over nine months

According to RAMR, оver the first nine months of 2019 new truck sales amounted to 54.67 thousand units, which was a 3.2% decrease on the result of the similar period of 2018.
The traditional market leader KAMAZ sold 19.93 thousand new trucks for the reporting period, having shown a 6.8% growth year on-year.

10.10.2019 / DK RUS moves to direct customer FUSO sales

Since October of this year DK RUS division for the production and sales of FUSO medium-duty trucks moves to direct customer sales.
Introduction of the new business model is aimed at strengthening FUSO's position in Russia and ensuring rapid response to changes in the market.

09.10.2019 / The new LCV market fell by 5% over nine months of 2019

According to RAMR, оver the first nine months of 2019 sales of new light commercial vehicles (LCV1) amounted to 82.48 thousand units, which was a 4.9% decrease on the same period of 2018.
In January-September 2019 the new LCV market leader GAZ sold 35.12 thousand light commercial vehicles (-2.1% year-on-year).

09.10.2019 / The new CNG bus will be produced at Simaz

Simaz plant in Ulyanovsk launches the production of a new model of the bus running on methane.
The bus on Isuzu chassis is designed to carry 54 passengers on urban and suburban routes.

08.10.2019 / The average age of trailers in the fleet is 17 years

Russian Automotive Market Research updated the «Trailer and semi-trailer fleet»  database as of July 1, 2019.
According to RAMR, as of July 1, 2019 the fleet of trailers and semi-trailers in Russia numbers 1.03 million units.

08.10.2019 / KAMAZ marketplace started its work

KAMAZ JSC launched startup in Russia. website is focused on the promotion of vehicles available in the warehouses of dealers and official partners of the automaker.

07.10.2019 / Financial capacity of the new truck market is 295 billion rubles

According to RAMR, in January-August 2019 weighted average prices for new trucks increased by 8.5% on the same period of 2018 and amounted to 6 075 695 rubles.
The new truck market capacity grew by 5.1% and reached 294 957 million rubles.

07.10.2019 / GAS presented new CNG models

Gorky automobile plant presented the new versions of vehicles running on natural gas at the Saint Petersburg international gas forum.
GAZelle NEXT 4.6 CNG minibus is designed for route transportation and can carry 22 passengers ...