Commercial Vehicles

30.01.2015 / Import and export of trucks in January-November 2014

Russian Automotive Market Research

According to Federal Customs Service of Russia, in January-November 2014 import of trucks in Russia fell by 28.6% to 57.7 vehicles on 1 billion 902.8 million dollars. Of them 55.5 thousand trucks on 1 billion 590.5 million dollars were imported from foreign countries, the remaining 2.2 thousand vehicles on 312.3 million dollars - from CIS countries.

Export of trucks decreased by 13.9% to 19.8 thousand vehicles on 438.3 million dollars. 4.1 thousand trucks on 153.6 million dollars were supplied to foreign countries, 15.6 thousand vehicles on 284.7 million dollars – to CIS countries.

29.01.2015 / Production of commercial vehicles in 2014

Russian Automotive Market Research

According to Federal State Statistics Service of Russia, in January-December 2014, 154 thousand trucks were produced, which is a 25.7% decrease on the previous year.

In 2014 KAMAZ produced and sold about 38.9 thousands trucks (-9%). Last year Gorky Automobile Plant launched the production of medium-duty trucks of the new generation GAZon Next and the plant Ural started production of upgraded all-wheel drive trucks Ural-M. The plant Ford Sollers in Yelabuga launched the assembly of a new van Ford Transit Custom. Sollers-Isuzu JV launched the full-scale production of trucks Isuzu on site of UAZ, the company started the production of medium-duty trucks Isuzu F-series (Forward). In addition, the Kaliningrad plant Avtotor launched the assembly of heavy-duty trucks TATA Daewoo and Ford Trucks.

29.01.2015 / Buses LIAZ were supplied to the park of Rostov-on-Don

Russian Automotive Market Research

GAZ Group supplied 50 low-floor buses LIAZ to Rostov-on-Don as part of the municipal bus fleet renewal for World Cup 2018. As per the FIFA requirements buses must have a low-floor design, the capacity of 85 passengers and specially equipped spaces for low-mobility persons. The first buses will begin operating on city routes as early as February 2015.

The large bus LIAZ-529260 is intended for city public transit and can carry 114 passengers including 28 seated passengers and also features a specially equipped space for low-mobility passengers. LIAZ-529260 is equipped with Euro-4 compliant YAMZ engine capacity of 275 HP.  The bus is fitted with the automatic gear box, axles manufactured by ZF and a mechanical wheelchair ramp.

28.01.2015 / The fare for heavy vehicles may cover regional highways

Russian Automotive Market Research

The Government of the Russian Federation committed the Ministry of Transport to prepare terms for introduction of the fare for trucks with GVW over 12 tons not only on federal highways, but also inter-municipal and regional roads. Rosavtodor believes that to receive savings truck drivers will choose regional highways instead of federal ones that will cause damage to the regional infrastructure.

In addition, there is the possibility to introduce fares for trucks with GVW over 3.5 tons.

28.01.2015 / KAMAZ sales decreased by 11.2% in 2014

Russian Automotive Market Research

In 2014 KAMAZ sold 38.9 thousands finished trucks (-11.2%), of which almost 32.6 thousand units (-14.4%) - to the Russian market and more than 6 thousand (+5.3%) - to export markets. Heavy and all wheel-drive trucks account for 63% of the total production of finished vehicles. According to preliminary data, over 12 months 2014, the revenue of the group of companies KAMAZ JSC will be 107749 million rubles (in accordance to IFRS).

27.01.2015 / The batch of buses LiAZ will be supplied in Kirov

Russian Automotive Market Research

By spring of 2015 GAZ Group will supply 15 buses LIAZ-529354 total cost of more than 117 million rubles in Kirov. The first 11 buses will operate on the city routes till late January.

Buses are purchased within the framework of the municipal vehicle infrastructure development program till 2020. Vehicles were acquired under the leasing agreement valid till November 2019.

The large bus LIAZ-529354 places 104 passengers, including 24 seats, and has special facilities for limited mobility persons. The bus is equipped with Euro-4 Cummins engine, automatic ZF gear box and mechanical wheelchair ramp.

22.01.2015 / Gas trucks «URAL» will appear this year

Russian Automotive Market Research

In 2015 the Automobile Plant «URAL» plans to organize serial production of trucks with engines running on compressed natural gas (CNG). The development is carried out jointly with the company Autodiesel. Companies work on the creation of a special modification of the engine YAMZ-536.

Moreover, the automaker plans to launch the production of the model Ural-Next in the second half of the year.

20.01.2015 / The park of gas vehicles increases in Tatarstan

Russian Automotive Market Research

The company KAMAZ-LEASING prepares to supply 117 vehicles of KAMAZ Group, including buses NEFAZ, running on gas fuel in several cities of Tatarstan. Vehicles are delivered in the framework of the Federal program «Development of industry and increase in its competitiveness» and the republican program «Development of gas fuel market in the Republic of Tatarstan for 2013-2023». All supplied vehicles run on methane as fuel.

Buses NEFAZ 5299-30-51 are equipped with gas engine Mercedes-Benz of the environmental class Euro 5 and the brake system Knorr-Bremse. The bus can accommodate 105 passengers.

15.01.2015 / GAZ ambulances will work in the Crimea

Russian Automotive Market Research

Within the program of modernization of health care system GAZ Group supplied 50 ambulances to the Crimea. 150 ambulances will be delivered in the Crimea until the end of February 2015. All vehicles are equipped with satellite navigation system GLONASS, which reduces the time of arrival to the place of call by 15 minutes on average.

13.01.2015 / Employees of GAZ enterprises go on leave until the end of January

Russian Automotive Market Research

GAZ Group announced a corporate leave for its employees from January 12 to January 25. Employees of Gorky Automobile Plant, Pavlovo and Kurgan Bus Plants, Ulyanovsk Motor Plant will go on leave. Employees of Yaroslavl Motor Plant Autodiesel and Automobile Plant Ural will join them from January 12 to January 18.

During the leave enterprises will be prepared for the production necessary for the development of the model line-up of products in 2015. So, Gaz will modernize the production to prepare for the project of 2015 – launch of production of the all-metal van GAZelle NEXT. Also during the corporate leave the maintenance and repair of equipment will be carried out at enterprises of GAZ Group as it cannot be organized without production suspension.