Commercial Vehicles

30.03.2016 / KAMAZ supplied 51 NEFAZ buses to Yekaterinburg

Russian Automotive Market Research

KAMAZ PJSC completed the delivery of NEFAZ low-floor passenger buses, ordered by the administration of Yekaterinburg. The contract to supply 51 NEFAZ 5299-40-51 city buses was signed at the end of 2015. On the customer’s request, buses manufactured by KAMAZ subsidiary in Bashkiria were painted in green, equipped with Euro-5 CNG engines. They are equipped with automatic gear box, video control system and digital video recorder, as well as GPS/GLONASS tracking sensors and Wi-Fi. Each bus is designed for 105 passengers, including 24 seats and one seat for the wheelchair.

28.03.2016 / Volgabus develops electric and unmanned buses

Russian Automotive Market Research

This year the Russian company Volgabus is going to produce the first 12-meter electric bus with electric drive, control system and batteries of its own design. The bus will operate in two modes: when fully charged, the mileage will be 250-280 km and with regular charging - 80 km each. Delivery of the first batch of buses is scheduled for the end of 2016.

In addition, for two years the company has been developing unmanned technologies and by the end of 2016 it will be ready to show and even launch on the route its first unmanned bus. It will be 6-meter bus, which will move on a closed area of campuses, exhibition complexes and hotels. By 2017-2018 it will be launched on public city routes. Under favorable circumstances, the unmanned route will be organized in Volgograd for the FIFA World Cup 2018.

23.03.2016 / «GAZ Group» develop innovation vehicles

Russian Automotive Market Research

This year «GAZ Group» will master the production of electric Gazelle Next and deliver a pilot batch of vehicles to the Moscow customer. The matter concerns the finished certified product - special labs for the operation, maintenance and going to emergency cases of Moscow electric grids.

GAZ Group also prepares for the production of unmanned vehicles, but in this field the company desperately needs the state support. «GAZ Group» plans to introduce a system of autonomous driving in two stages. Initially the system will assist the driver, facilitating his work and minimizing the risk of getting in the accident — thus it can be put into production within 2-3 years. The second stage involves the complete exclusion of a person from the driving process — «GAZ Group» wants to launch the production of these models approximately in 2030, but only if there is sufficient funding for research.

22.03.2016 / Production of commercial vehicles in January-February 2016

Russian Automotive Market Research

According to Federal State Statistics Service of Russia, in January-February 2016 14 thousand trucks were produced, which is a 29.4% increase on the previous year. Last month 11.6 thousand trucks rolled off the Russian production lines that is by 42.7% more than in the last year.

Because of the falling demand for commercial vehicles in Russia, in February KAMAZ switched over to the four-day mode of production. Ulyanovsk automobile plant launched the production of classic commercial vehicles of 2016 model year with new options, and Ford Sollers plant in Elabuga started to equip Ford Transit vehicles with ERA-GLONASS devices.

Over the first two months of 2016 the production of buses in Russia increased by 1.4% and made 3.2 thousand units. In February bus plants produced 2.5 thousand vehicles, which is a 6.7% increase on the previous year.

21.03.2016 / Launch of sales of GAC Gonow vehicles in the Russian market

Russian Automotive Market Research

The company Asia Import launched sales of Gonow compact commercial vehicles of the Chinese brand GAC in the Russian market. GAC Gonow Way M1 high sided truck with the load capacity of 900 kg, the version with double cabin (the load capacity of 800 kg) and Way V1 van are offered to customers. All vehicles are equipped with 1-liter four-cylinder engine capacity of 56 HP in combination with 5-speed manual gear box. Prices for trucks start from 750 thousand rubles, the cost of the van starts from 786 thousand rubles.

GAC brand was created in 2010 by the company Guangzhou Automobile Group, which was previously engaged in the joint production of vehicles with foreign companies. Now cars, crossovers, pickups and commercial vehicles are manufactured under this brand.

17.03.2016 / Ford Sollers will open specialized centers for sales of Transit

Russian Automotive Market Research

Ford Sollers announced the creation of a new network of specialized dealerships for sales and after-sales service of light commercial vehicles and special purpose vehicles on the basis of Ford vehicles. New centers will receive their own branding and the name Transit-centers. This strategy will enable to offer customers a new level of service both in the field of sales and after-sales service and strengthen Ford Sollers position in the LCV market.

The first dealer centers of the new network will be opened in the first quarter of 2016. The company plans to open a total of 50 Transit-centers this year. This network will include both existing and new Ford dealers, which will be selected on the basis of a tender in accordance with standards developed by Ford for Transit-centers. The preference is given to dealers with rich experience of corporate sales and the necessary infrastructure. The staff of new centers will pass specialized training in the field of service and sales of commercial and special purpose vehicles.

16.03.2016 / Import and export of trucks in January 2016

Russian Automotive Market Research

According to Federal Customs Service of Russia, in January 2015 import of trucks decreased by 68.7% and made 500 trucks on 30.7 million dollars. Of them 300 trucks on 6.6 million dollars were imported from foreign countries, the remaining 200 trucks on 24.1 million dollars – from CIS countries.

Export of trucks fell by 60% to 200 trucks on 8.7 million dollars. 100 trucks on 4.4 million dollars were supplied to foreign countries, 100 trucks on 4.3 million dollars - to CIS countries.

01.03.2016 / Scheme of financing of the procurement of CNG vehicles may be changed

Russian Automotive Market Research

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation offered to change the scheme of state support of procurement of CNG vehicles. If until now the support was provided through co-financing of expenses of regions for the purchase of vehicles, this year the Ministry of Industry and Trade offered to simplify the scheme and allocate subsidies directly to manufacturers. In this case all funds will be concentrated in hands of the Russian automobile plants. This circumstance greatly disturbed the Belarusian MAZ: Minsk has already sent a letter to the vice-chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, in which it asks not to change the current terms of state subsidizing in Russia.

In 2015 with the help of Russian subsidies MAZ supplied 76 CNG vehicles on 506.8 million rubles in the Russian Federation. As in the previous year, in 2016, 3 billion rubles were allocated for subsidies. It is expected that they will help to sell 1.7 thousand trucks. MAZ claims to 5% of money, the rest will be received by GAZ, KAMAZ and Volgabas.