Commercial Vehicles

29.04.2016 / KAMAZ launched the production of dump trucks of the new model line-up

The first trucks of the new model line-up KAMAZ-6580 and KAMAZ-65802 rolled off KAMAZ assembly line. KAMAZ-65801 is the next. These trucks are representatives of heavy series of future vehicles, which will be equipped with tipping platform. 

29.04.2016 / The first quarter of 2016 became successful for NEFAZ

In the first quarter of 2016 NEFAZ increased sales by nearly 200% in comparison with the last year. Sales for this period amounted to 2.061 billion rubles. The largest growth was shown by segments of passenger buses – in 6 times, trailers – in 2.5 times.


28.04.2016 / Cuba will receive Russian trucks

Russia and Cuba signed an agreement on the supply of KAMAZ trucks and trailers for transportation of food and industrial goods to the island. In addition, the agreement provides for the delivery of spare parts and technological equipment

27.04.2016 / KAMAZ increased sales in January-March 2016

KAMAZ fulfilled the business plan for the first quarter of 2016 by 110%, having sold more than 4180 trucks in the Russian market against 3700 vehicles over three month of the last year. Sales of KAMAZ trucks grew by 13% in January-March 2016.


26.04.2016 / The Russian Government increased fees from foreign carriers

The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation signed a decree on the increase in fees from foreign carriers for the motion on Russian roads. Fees from foreign carriers grew to 850 rubles per day and 120 thousand rubles per year. These fees cover vehicles with the load capacity from 3.5 to 12 tons inclusive.


25.04.2016 / Hyundai Truck&Bus carries out the action for Hyundai truck owners

«Hyundai Motor Commercial Vehicles Rus» LLC together with Hyundai Motor Company launched the action «BEFORE SERVICE» («Invitation to service»), under which owners of Hyundai trucks can undergo a set of special services. Distributor and the manufacturer front the cost of consumables on their own.

22.04.2016 / «Severstal» will manufacture new types of metal products for KAMAZ

In the framework of the coordinating council KAMAZ and Severstal agreed the Program of development of vehicle designs with the use of new types of metal products for 2016-2018. In accordance with this document Severstal will master the manufacture of new types of rolled products with high strength characteristics for the production of KAMAZ trucks.

21.04.2016 / KAMAZ develops its sales under trade-in and repurchase

Under «Trade-in from KAMAZ» vehicles, buses, special purpose vehicles and trailers produced by KAMAZ and NEFAZ can be purchased. As a payment for new vehicles used vehicles and trailers of not only Russian production, but also foreign ones are accepted. The main restriction is connected with the manufacture date of vehicles

20.04.2016 / Production of commercial vehicles in January-March 2016

According to Federal State Statistics Service of Russia, in January-March 2016 25.8 thousand trucks were produced in Russia that is by 15.2% more than in the previous year. Last month 11.8 thousand trucks rolled off the Russian production lines, which is a 2.2% increase on the last year.


19.04.2016 / Unmanned «KAMAZ» will receive «virtual polygon»

The Russian company Cognitive Technologies, which creates software for unmanned KAMAZ, will test this vehicle on a special «virtual polygon». The project is a set of programs, which enable developers to simulate different traffic situations.