Commercial Vehicles

29.11.2019 / Combined road machines on Isuzu chassis are transferred for maintenance of highways of Yugra

The official ISUZU dealer – Auto-M group of companies - transferred the combined road machines to «SEVERAVTODOR».
Э The combined road machines based on ISUZU GIGA 33.0 dumper are equipped with the quick-detachable hinged equipment manufactured by SMOLMASH LLC ...

27.11.2019 / The new KAMAZ center opened in Cuba

KAMAZ center opened in Cuba in the special economic development zone «Mariel». The construction of the center was carried out by Autocentro ZED S. A., the official KAMAZ dealer in Cuba.
Moreover, during the visit to Cuba, KAMAZ delegation presented KAMAZ-5490 NEO tractor unit with a container semi-trailer ...

27.11.2019 / Daimler Truck acquired 15% of KAMAZ shares

Daimler Truck acquired a 15% stake in KAMAZ. Previously, this stake was owned by the parent company of Daimler Truck - Daimler AG. All 106.08 million shares of KAMAZ were transferred to the subsidiary, which corresponds to 15% of shares.

27.11.2019 / Scania and UralSpecTrans developed a tanker for working in quarries

Scania-Rus together with UralSpecTrans produced the tanker on Scania chassis.
The model on Scania P380 b8x4hz chassis with UralSpecTrans superstructure is designed for transportation of process water and irrigation of roads. 

27.11.2019 / Reefers that depreciate less

According to Russian Automotive Market Research, the highest residual value among TOP-5 reefer models after 3 years of operation belongs to FORD TRANSIT- 68.6%.
After 6 years of ownership GAZ GAZELLE NEXT is a leader by preservation of residual value with a result of 46.5%.

26.11.2019 / MAN expands its dealer network in Russia

«Mahina» opened a new MAN dealership in the Krasnoyarsk region.
The total area of the center exceeds 3 000 square meters. Service zone equipped with boxes for 18 vehicles and 10 repair and inspection pits covers the area of 1 500 square meters. 

26.11.2019 / DAF trucks with low mileage and power line warranty are available in Russia

DAF offers used trucks in Russia as part of DAF First Choice program.
The program covers DAF Euro-6 trucks not older than 5 years with mileage of less than 600 thousand km on European roads. 

25.11.2019 / KAMAZ and BECEMA developed a new dumper

According to the customer's specifications, Becema JSC installed BCM-290.3 dump body on the all-wheel drive KAMAZ-65802 chassis. Moreover, the body can be installed on KAMAZ-6580 chassis.
The vehicle can be operated in heavy road and climatic conditions, in intensive mode. The volume of the dump body is 15 cubic meters.

25.11.2019 / Trailer market is in the black

Despite the growth in sales of new trailers and semi-trailers in October (+1.5%) over the first ten months of 2019 the market showed negative dynamics (-2.2%) and amounted to 25.45 thousand units.
According to RAMR, in January-October 2019 the market leader SCHMITZ sold 3.42 thousand trailers ...

22.11.2019 / Grunwald set up the production of lightweight dump semi-trailer

Grunwald launched the mass production of a lightweight dump semi-trailer with a body volume of 27 cubic meters. Orders for the novelty are accepted as well.
For the first time for Grunwald dump models the body wall and the upper reinforcement edge became a single integral part of a complex section.