Commercial Vehicles

28.03.2019 / Daimler KAMAZ RUS tests Mercedes-Benz Arocs with a new clutch type

DAIMLER KAMAZ RUS started road tests of Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3352 AS equipped with the new clutch type.
Mercedes-Benz Arocs will pass a number of operational tests in the Far East region.

27.03.2019 / The bus market is expected to decrease by 8% in 2019

Russian Automotive Market Research prepared the «Bus market forecast for 2019-2024» report.
Under the baseline scenario of the forecast, in 2019 the new bus market may fall by 8.44% and amount to 11.90 thousand units ... 

26.03.2019 / Trailer sales in Russia fell by 1% in February 2019

According to Russian Automotive Market Research, in January-February 2019 the Russian new trailer and semi-trailer market1 increased by 1.5% on the similar period of 2018 and amounted to 3.95 thousand units. At the same time in February 2019 new trailer sales fell by 0.9% on February 2018.

26.03.2019 / KAMAZ announced extension of warranty for KAMAZ-5490 vehicles

KAMAZ extends the warranty for the vehicle of its new model line-up – KAMAZ-5490. Now the warranty on this model is 24 months from the vehicle sales date without mileage limitation. The terms cover all KAMAZ-5490 versions, including KAMAZ-5490 NEO CNG diesel tractor unit.


25.03.2019 / Companies of the Vladimir region leased KAMAZ tractor units

KAMAZ-LEASING financed the purchase of four KAMAZ-5490 NEO tractor units by KhimAvtoLider LLC of the Vladimir region. Vehicles were supplied by KAMAZ official dealer Vladimir auto center KAMAZ. The contract is concluded under the leasing product for small and medium-sized businesses «Leasing from the manufacturer».

22.03.2019 / RAMR predicts a 3.8% decline in the truck market in 2019

Russian Automotive Market Research presents the «Truck market forecast for 2019-2024» report.
The report provides for detailed analysis of the new and used truck market in 2018. The Russian new truck market forecast for 2019-2024 was prepared based on sales analysis.

21.03.2019 / Trailer corporate fleet increased by 13% over 5 years

According to Russian Automotive Market Research, as of January 1, 2019 the Russian trailer corporate fleet numbers 533.3 thousand units. Compared to January 1, 2014, the fleet of trailers owned by legal entities increased by 12.6%.
The leader in the trailer corporate fleet is the Moscow region with a share of 5.5% ... 

20.03.2019 / Announcement of regions with the largest bus fleets

According to Russian Automotive Market Research, as of January 1, 2019 the Russian bus fleet numbers 442.85 thousand units.
The Russian bus fleet is dominated by Russian brands. The TOP-3 brands - PAZ, KAVZ, LIAZ - account for 63.61% of the fleet.

19.03.2019 / Foreign brands account for 38% of the LCV fleet

According to Russian Automotive Market Research, as of January 1, 2019 the Russian light commercial vehicle fleet numbers 4 439.6 thousand units. Vehicles of domestic brands have the largest share in the Russian LCV fleet – 61.8% (2 743. 0 thousand units). Foreign brands account for 38.2% of the fleet, respectively (1 696.6 thousand units).

15.03.2019 / Opel told about models for the Russian market

Sales of Opel cars will begin in Russia in the fourth quarter of 2019. X Grandland, Zafira Life and Vivaro models will enter the Russian market.
The production of Zafira Life passenger bus and Vivaro commercial van will be set at the PSMA Rus plant in Kaluga.