«Car and special purpose vehicle market legal factors» report

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Date of issue: 20.08.2021

25 000 rub.

The report presents the main current and planned measures of regulation, support of the market of cars and special purpose vehicles, and their manufacturers.

Categories of vehicles with legal factors collected:

- cars
- electric vehicles
- electric buses
- light commercial vehicles
- trucks
- trailers-semi-trailers
- buses
- special purpose vehicles
- agricultural vehicles

A detailed analysis of legal factors and information about planned changes are necessary for strategic planning, building high-quality forecasts, and understanding the market processes.


  1. Recycling tax
  2. Sales and production support programs

2.1. Sales support programs
2.2. Production support programs
2.2.1. Industrial subsidies under the «Development of industry and increasing its competitiveness» program («Automotive industry» subprogram)
2.2.2. Special investment contracts (SPIC)

  1. Localization
  2. A ban on state procurement of foreign vehicles
  3. Restrictions for vehicles by emission classes
  4. Change in the rules for import of foreign used vehicles
  5. Transportation of children
  6. Support of exporters
  7. Technical inspection regulation
  8. Platon
  9. Development of CNG vehicle market
  10. Programs of the development of electric vehicles and electric hybrids
  11. Programs of purchasing electric buses and electric vehicles in different regions
  12. Leasing
  13. Subsidizing of the production of wheeled and tracked special purpose vehicles
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