Russian vehicle population


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Russian Automotive Market Research analyzes the Russian vehicle population.

Vehicle population is a total number of vehicles operated in Russia. Analysis of the vehicle population is broken down by all Russian regions and the following vehicle types:

  • cars
  • trucks and special purpose vehicles
  • LCV
  • buses
  • trailers

This database provides for the fleet structure by brands and models, year of manufacture, technical specifications and many other parameters at your request.

The «Russian vehicle population» database was supplemented with such parameters as holding and leased vehicle.

Analysis of the vehicle population will be useful for:

  • ОЕМ
  • Leasing companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Large dealer groups
  • Auto components and spare parts manufacturers
  • Wholesale companies selling spare parts
  • Telematics service providers
  • Marketing agencies

The «Russian vehicle population» database will allow you to:

  • assess the Russian vehicle population capacity
  • track the change in the vehicle number : the launch of new vehicles and withdrawal of unserviceable ones from the fleet
  • receive comprehensive information on vehicles in any Russian region or city
  • monitor various trends in the Russian vehicle fleet

Russian Automotive Market Research records the vehicle number in the Russian fleet twice a year – as of January 1 and July 1.

Results of the vehicle population research are presented in Excel, Access, MS SQL, CSV.

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