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Russian Automotive Market Research offers:

The catalogue contains detailed technical specifications of the chassis and the body.

The catalogue data allows you to analyze the competitive environment and get a clear picture of the market situation: understand the demand for chassis with certain technical specifications, chassis market trends: growing demand for the 6x6 axle, increased load capacity at the current vehicle size and others.

The catalogue data analysis allows you to identify highly competitive market segments as well as to find promising niches, e.g. when just 2-3 manufacturers occupy a segment with growing sales.

When combined with truck corporate sales, the catalogue allows you to monitor changes in demand for various options, e.g. a shift in demand for vehicles, fitted with a CNG fuel system.

The catalogue contains detailed technical specifications of the chassis: brand, model, transmission, wheelbase, emission standard and many others, as well as body specifications: body type, function, etc.

Format: Excel

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